One of the things I constantly turn back to are my journals, and tags for my journals. And all those journal entries over the years have given me precious practice and style development time. When I flick through my older journals I sometimes cringe and wonder  - as I imagine we all do. It's during these moments I have to remind myself that each brushstroke led me to the next and then to the next one, and so on until the things I painted continuously evolved with time. I found that this one simple practice of consistently creating in my journals really moved my style along.

Today I am sharing my latest quirky character tag - acrylics, of course! Completely inspired by colour I thought I would paint something a little more masculine than my norm. Even though I consider most of the characters I paint to be androgynous this one seems to me to be male.  Which makes perfect sense! Today I am thinking of our son Rowan. Love you son xx