Sadly, one of the things that I've not given a great deal of attention to is my blog and website. But here I am fronting up and making a commitment to begin paying more attention to these things that I miss and love doing, but hadn't quite managed to organise their way into my life. Until now. 

Recently I had the privilege of spending time with some of my buddies separated by distance. I am completely honoured to have been asked to teach at Mixed Media Magic Retreat at Upper Plenty Conference Centre, VIC and hosted by the wonderful Cindy Porter. I also had the pleasure of meeting Michelle Grant, at long last, along with the Kylie Tout and Ros Aggett-Madley, and last but not a bit the least, got to catch up again with Annette Gearside.

I felt immediately welcomed and embraced from the moment we all met up at the airport. It was a coming together of many creative minds all at once, giggles all around right off the mark!

There are so many great stories I could tell about the weekend, but the message is this - great things happen when creative minds meet and my weekend away was full of creative action!

Thank you to everyone I had chance to meet. Some of you I've known "online" for many years, so it was wonderful to be able to meet in person. At last! And some were entirely new faces who I now call friends. 

Kim xx